What is This Workshop?

This workshop aims to pioneer the development of educational tools and interfaces that cater specifically to the privacy and security learning needs of teenagers, children, and multi-generational family groups. This initiative seeks to bridge the knowledge gap in digital privacy and security education by fostering an environment that encourages the collaborative creation of resources that are both engaging and informative. The workshop will serve as a platform for researchers, educators, and developers to share insights, challenges, and breakthroughs in crafting educational content that resonates with youth and families.

The objectives of our workshop are as follows:

1. Encourage the development of novel tools and interfaces (such as educational tangible interfaces) that engage youth and their families to learn about privacy and security concepts together;

2. Create interactive and immersive educational experiences that captivate the interest of children and teenagers, making learning about privacy and security a compelling part of their digital lives;

3. Generate actionable ideas and strategies that can be implemented to protect family privacy in an increasingly AI world.


Zikai Alex Wen, Virginia Tech

Lanjing Liu, Virginia Tech

Marshini Chetty, University of Chicago

Priya Kumar, Penn State

Nikita Soni, UIC

Jessica Vitak, UMD

Yaxing Yao, Virginia Tech